About Us

We help business owners get approved for business credit and access funding for their business, whether they have good or bad personal credit.

Our Business Finance Suite provides clients with an easy step-by-step system to help business owners access funding and build business credit.

Step 1 We help you through an online funding application. In this application we actually reveal exactly what lenders are looking for and even help you meet lending criteria to insure you will be approved for the maximum in funding.

Step 2 Your information is cross-checked against underwriting guidelines for over 2,100 finance institutions and you are pre-qualifed for these funding programs including credit lines and loans.

You will have access to thousands of different lenders and hundreds-of-thousands of dollars in funding and business credit for your business.

You could qualify for merchant advances, purchase order and accounts receivable financing, equipment or auto leasing programs, inventory financing, or unsecured credit lines.

Step 3 – Once you have been approved for business funding, we then help you begin the process of building your business credit in Step 3.  Our system and our certified business credit team help you obtain your business credit reports and DUNS number directly through our system at absolutely no cost.

Our system is the only one in the world that lets you monitor your business credit reports in real-time as you are building your business credit.  And this is the only system where you can access a DUNS number and Experian Smart Business credit report at no cost.

Step 4 – In Step 4 we help you get approved for new credit in your business name which then reports to the appropriate business credit reporting agencies.  Once this new credit is reported, you are awarded with an exceptional business credit score that we will help you leverage to get approved for even more business credit in Step 5.

Step 5 – You can be approved for store credit with places like Staples, Lowes, Home Depot, Wal-Mart, Costco, BP, Sam’s Club, Dell, and many more. You can also get approved for large, $10,000-limit credit cards with some stores plus Visa and MasterCard credit cards for you to use almost anywhere.

Our system is one of the most comprehensive step-by-step funding suites in the world today, delivering you all you need to insure you can obtain funding and business credit for your business. Contact us today to discover how much business credit and funding for which you already qualify.

Contact us today to discover how much business credit and funding you already qualify for right now!